Amber Simon

Dear Society,

My name is Amber Simon, the person behind Dear Society. I was born in Hollywood, Florida, and raised in the DC-Metro area. I attended the University of South Florida for my bachelor’s degree in marketing and I am currently attending the University of Maryland pursuing my MBA.

You are probably wondering how and why a business student started a blog. Although I love my studies, I needed a creative outlet. I like to write about the challenges of society that we all face. Regardless of demographics, society plays a crucial role in who we are and our actions. However, I believe that society tends to have a negative connotation for minorities. As a young black woman, I have been faced with numerous obstacles created by our society. I created Dear Society not only for my creative outlet, but also to share with society my thoughts and viewpoints.

In this blog, I will share with you my interpretation of our society and how I’ve been affected during my short but fulfilling life. While reading Dear Society, you will not only view my interpretation of our society, but you will also have the creative space to share yours.

If you are curious about anything else about me or Dear Society, please feel free to contact me on the contact page!