Dear Society,

As a person with many goals and aspirations, I’ve recently found that the only thing I truly need to reach achievement is belief in myself. All other things such as determination, prioritization, discipline, etc., all can easily be present but worthless without self-belief. 

I believe that the reasons some of my goals have been met is because I’ve always truly believed I can do anything I put my mind to. My strong belief system in myself comes from a variety of things. One being confidence and esteem. I was raised with constant assurance to build this necessary character trait being a black woman in our society. Two, my family’s history. My parents and my ancestors have made an uncountable number of achievements and because of this being installed in my DNA, I know I can do at very least the same as they did, given the difference in circumstances. And third, my understanding of our society. I am well aware of the obstacles society will put forth. For a young black woman, they are quite predictable. 

As I continue to strive for and reach my goals and aspirations in life, I will continue to believe in myself, my abilities, and my worth. It’s not always as easy as these words may seem, but then again, why isn’t it?



  1. This was do beautiful and poinient. Unfortunately, the world we live in these days can some how unconsciously seep doubt in out minds, but with that awareness, your confidence, and Belief in yourself. So no matter what you will always rise above and preserver. Like I always tell you, you are a beautiful genius and there is definitely nothing you can’t do.

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