Dear Society,

As I’ve been experiencing life experiences, I’ve noticed the emotions that come alongside. Whether good or bad, I am now more aware of the emotional effects of all aspects of my personal experiences.

During this new sense of awareness, I am constantly reminding myself that the current state I am in during these experiences are all temporary.

This not only allows me to push through trials and tribulations but it also allows me to stay level minded through the joyful parts of a turbulent journey. This practice of being level minded is what has kept me humble during celebratory moments and collected during times of despair.

While experiencing the moments of life, time may seem to be at a stand still. However, I remind myself that time is constantly escaping.



  1. This week’s blog speaks well of the transitory nature of time. Live in the moment, delight in your successes, learn from your failures and disappointments, and yes, time stands still for no one. Like the clocks.

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