Gun Violence

Dear Society,

As we become numb to the gun violence around us each day, our country is suffering from a “new” public health crisis.

While this crisis is somewhat new to the majority, this has been an ongoing crisis within the black community.

While our country’s leadership suffers from the outcomes of groupthink, our kids are gaining the responsibility of self-defense, minorities are refraining from everyday activities, and mental health issues are on the rise.

You would think that lives lost would be enough to drive action. But we’ve become accustomed to “change” occurring at such a slow pace. Coincidentally, just slow enough for society’s media to grab on to another issue and the initial need for change fades into the background.

In a country as such, regardless of skin tone, you are far more likely to lose your life to a bullet than in any other comparable country. Just imagine that same statistic for a person of color in this country.


  1. Great post that needs to be at the forefront of our society. Our leaders think they are invincible and will not be victims of their own law.

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  2. This week’s blog on the frightening increase of gun violence moving beyond the Black community into a public health crisis have me thinking, “What am I going to do to help mitigate the gun problem?” Sadly, I have not done much. The April mass shooting in Philadelphia impacted several people I know deeply. Today’s post nudges me look at ways to help make a change, too many teens are spraying bullets near and far with standard and now ghost guns.

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  3. Thanks for your attention and please don’t let this issue fade from the top of our minds. Keep us posted on your evolving thinking as this country attempts to deal with this mind boggling issue.

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  4. Impressive post. Spot on, unfortunately we are such a divided country I don’t think we are capable of the much needed change on such important pressing matters. Such is life

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