The bodies of women

Dear Society,

We have found yet another way to divide us. The debate on women’s healthcare is far from new. The decision whether to let a women take matter into her own hands, in reference to her body, is not being left to the women. Instead, this decision is being made by individuals with power who do not know how to use their time wisely. 

This obtained power that these individuals maintain could be used to further evolve our society for the better. Climate change, education, gun safety, these are all pressing items that should be prioritized on the agenda. But instead, what’s on the agenda is to put into place a law that is based mostly on the opinions of a small narrow-minded segment of the population.

Women’s healthcare has always been in the hands of the wrong people. More importantly, it’s been separated from healthcare overall. 

The bulk of society is typically against this. But the few with opposing views have found a way to obtain a substantial amount of power. 



  1. 100 percent on point. The people in power continue to target issues that has no effect on our economy and our safety. I am sure there are monetary gains for this laws being pushed that we are not aware of. Thanks for your post.

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