Living in the Moment

Dear Society,

As this roller coaster of life continues to take a toll, I am learning to enjoy each and every turn and loop. As I am currently tasking myself to truly live in the moment, I have found it more challenging than I originally thought. To live in the past or in the future seems to be less of a challenge and I find myself in the habit of both. 

When I find myself living in the past, I tend to replay tragic scenarios over and over again that are no longer my present while ignoring my current moment of time.

When I find myself living in the future, I tend to not live to my fullest, trying to either stash away for another period of time or hesitant to do anything that could jeopardize my future. While again, ignoring my current moment of time. 

Instead, this new challenge of mine finds a delicate balance between the two: living in the moment. To do so, I am embracing every opportunity, event, and emotion that I am faced with. Whether positive or negative, I accept it and fully live through it. For my positive moments that bring a burst of happiness, I am practicing holding on to those precious moments and sharing with a select few to allow myself to live in that moment for as long as possible. For my negative experiences that may bring about feelings of sorrow or despair, I embrace them as learning milestones. 

With any habit, it is difficult to overcome. As I find myself slipping back to living in the past or bouncing forward to living in the future, I am constantly reminding myself to settle in the middle and live in the moment.



  1. This is a good and interesting topic. I too struggle to not live in the past and future. I am learning to let go of what I cannot control.
    Thanks for a great post.

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