Black Ladies

Dear Society,

As Black women are getting accustomed to our position in this societal playing field, we have developed an admirable amount of independence, strength, and determination.

While these qualities make us the beautiful beings we are, for some reason from a masculine view, we are sometimes viewed at as undesirable.

Instead of viewing the minority of a minority, who is forced to do so much heavy lifting, as anything other than desirable, the masculine role could carry. More importantly, this masculine role could truly view this unfortunate position and raise awareness.

Black women, we typically single handedly raise our families, educate ourselves, and support ourselves, while receiving the most critique and unsatisfying perceptions.

Instead of nitpicking our tone, demeanor, or attitude, commend our handling of our deck of cards.


  1. I understand and support the general line of reasoning of this week’s blog, specifically the beginning and the end. The 3rd paragraph needs to be more fully explained. As written, I can not agree with the trajectory of this reasoning. Many men actively support and encourage their daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, aunties, as these hard working, go getter, minority women strive to build and achieve. Our first African American Supreme Court female nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, is just one example of an accomplished sister making it with the help of a supporting cast of men and women.


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