Dear Society,

As I fall into the healthy habit of setting goals for the new year, I find myself curious of how society will have an affect.

Do societal influences predetermine my goals?

Will society alter my goals down the road?

Can society prevent me from achievement?

While my short list of subjective and attainable goals typically stay the same year after year, I’m now making it a habit to first reassure that these goals are not influenced. I’m also sure to focus equally on the goal while preventing any societal affects to the best of my ability.

As we set personal goals, we should also set goals for our society. Some that I have for society are to limit distractions, positively influence, and portray true representation.


  1. You are setting your goals. Society or others cannot set them. While they may be affected by the wins of society you cannot let them change them. Stay focused only allow them to change based on your decisions. Move forward based on your desires not outside influences. Even though they may try to change your direction. Stay strong, believe


  2. Happy New Year Dear Society Readers! This first blog of 2022 really had me pondering the three questions you posed about societal influences on one’s goals and myself. Likewise, the three goals you posited for society have me saying, … yeah, I agree with those. You are right on point that having goals are a healthy habit. Looking forward to the next blog.

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