Self Love

Dear Society,

The necessity to feel loved is what drives humanity. Every action we take is unknowingly tied to our hopes of this fulfillment.`

As society popularizes “love”, a well-deserving type of love needs to be the focal point – Self-Love.

The art and practice of self-love takes an ample amount of time, effort, and dedication. Luckily, it appears that society is turning away from picking at our “flaws”. With this new minimal support from our ever-changing society, let’s make up the rest of the groundwork.

How do you practice self-love?

Make yourself a priority. Fully commit to yourself. And most importantly, cherish your physical and spiritual being.

This process of self-love is a never-ending task but as your love for yourself continues to grow, the dire need for love from others will fade. Your physical and spiritual being will become more beautiful than you could ever imagine. And most importantly, you will know your value.



  1. Self-Love, a timely topic. A good reminder to all to snatch back time from the many demands vying for our attention to cherish who we are physically and spiritually. A note of caution, self-love must coexist with love from others.

    Congrats Dear Society on your one year anniversary!


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