Renaissance of Black Women

Dear Society,

As the dust begins to settle from the past couple of years, I am noticing the opportunity that is slowly but surely presenting itself for the minorities of a minority group.

As society takes accountability, the time for black women is here. Will we seize it?

Whether it is the workplace, education, or entertainment, the space for Black women has never been this open. We still will have to squeeze in but the opening has become more apparent now than ever.

Right now, our voice is waiting to be heard. Our opinions and feelings are of value. Our physical appearance is idolized. While we will without doubt face typical setbacks, we must focus on the bigger picture which is – this is our time and nothing will get in our way.

Will this be a phase? As we ask this irrelevant question, let’s take matters into our own hands. Let’s create our own success as we fulfill our dreams.



  1. I feel empowered as a black woman after reading your blog. Thanks for such powerful words. You are 100 percent on point when you say our physical attributes are been idealized. I am, and was always a beautiful black woman.

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  2. I found this post to be uplifting especially since I am trying to find my identity as a strong black woman. I am aware of the inequalities women in general have faced, but especially black women. We can determine if this is a phase or not. If we become complacent in the now, but if we strive for more and want more for our people. We can be so much more than what is expected of us.

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