Recognized Independence

Dear Society,

As the majority celebrates the independence of our country, I find myself recognizing my independence separate from the rest of my country.

The timing of when I was educated on my ancestor’s freedom was fashionable late similar to the knowledge of my ancestors. Personally, I don’t see the significance of celebrating my country’s Independence Day. I choose to recognize and celebrate my community’s Freedom Day – Juneteenth.

My community is treated as a separate entity rather than a part of this country. With that being said, why would I participate in my country‘s Independence Day when my blood wasn’t free at the time? This may be controversial but these are my thoughts and feelings at the moment. By no means, is this disowning nor disrespecting my beautiful country. More so, this is realizing what a young black female within the United States should and should not recognize.


  1. I find much perspective and interest in your words. Such gives me great hope in the struggle to change America’s fabric for the better.

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