Dear Society,

This year marked the hundredth year anniversary of one of the darkest tragedies of black history.

What’s even more disturbing? This tragedy was covered and hushed for many years. As I learned about this massacre in detail, I was able to truly reflect on my culture’s history and the path set ahead of us.

What was intriguing to me was what we built. Even though it was destroyed with anger, hatred, and jealousy, what we built showed that we had overcome horrific obstacles and worked towards a common goal – our own wealth.

I believe this time in history was erased not to cover the majority’s actions – they have no shame. I believe the intent behind not revealing this history was to keep our heads down so that we couldn’t fathom nor imagine the ability to step forward on our own.

A while ago I wrote a piece titled Responsibilities of the Majority. However, now I am starting to second guess my thoughts. Do we really need the majority?

We all know the strength of the black dollar. Let’s experience the strength of the black dollar circulated amongst ourselves. We’ve done it before. We can do it again.




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