Dear Society,

The everlasting journey to happiness is a tale for the ages. Although it is simply one of the many emotions we all experience, this journey is inevitable.

Society will invite you to view and long for the journey of others. Embrace every step of your unique path. Keep in mind, the journey itself can be fulfilling.

As I continue on my unique path to my happiness, I keep in mind that the other emotions of mine are natural and should not be viewed as obstacles or setbacks which society may make them seem.

While happiness is considered to be the ideal state for humanity, it can easily be compromised making this journey appear longer than necessary. However, joy is something that cannot be overshadowed. A joyful spirit keeps one on track once faced with the stresses of life. On the other hand, society’s definition of happiness taunts us with the idea of always wanting more.

The fulfillment of joy allows us to fully experience each and every emotion and life itself. Is that the “happiness” we are all looking for?


  1. Happiness is the goal. I want to be happy first before adding anyone else to my life. Because when/if they leave, they can’t take my happiness with them.

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