Needs & Wants

Dear Society,

We are all lucky enough to be equipped with the capability to acknowledge the difference between our needs and our wants. However, as humanity continues to separate itself further and further into distinct social classes, the difference between a need and a want becomes less apparent.

There are individuals who are faced to distinguish between a need and a want each day. There are also those who have blurred the line between a need and a want resulting in greed.
The wants of humanity were once simple. This simplicity has become more and more convoluted the higher we move up the food chain to the point where the desire of “a want” creates the challenges humanity faces as a society. These societal challenges are as large as maintaining a sustainable earth to as small as society’s insecurities.

Regardless of social class, be aware of your needs versus your wants. More importantly, always maintain the ability to distinguish between the two regardless of where you are placed in these predetermined and unfitting classes.


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