The shadowed voice of the female has been brought to light as we celebrate Women’s History Month. Our voice that is slowly but surely becoming more heard is still attached to a negative connotation if heard too loud or too often.

As we leave behind our dedicated month, let’s leave behind this false stigma as well.

As our voices continue to be heard, let’s make sure they are respected as we focus on the content of our words instead of how we may come across.


  1. We have come along way to have a month dedicated to women. We will continue being heard through resources such as your blog (dear society). Thanks

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  2. As I think about women of color who are making their voices heard and taking action here are just a few: Stacy Abrahams, Alicia Garza, Angela Alsobrook, Sherrilyn Ifill, my Momma, and so many more. Nice post to close out Women’s History Month.

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