Continuing Black History

Dear Society,

Reflecting upon black history once throughout the year is what society will accept and allow. As this year’s Black History Month comes to an end, I am encouraged to expect more from our dedicated month and the remaining year. Moving forward, in addition to appreciating black history, let’s continue to make more black history within the month of February. 

But let’s not stop here. 

With this month coming to an end, let’s continue to make black history regardless of the month. Let’s continue striving while keeping our humble beginnings in mind. As we approach the remaining months, let’s continue to create and support black businesses. Let’s stay in touch with our creative outlets. Let’s continue to embrace our culture. And most importantly, let’s continue to be heard.

History is constantly making itself. Let’s continue to intentionally make inspiring black history for our future generations.


  1. As I read this week’s blog, all my heart kept saying is yes, yes, yes! Good examples on how WE can continue to make inspiring black history. Like the position of the 2nd paragraph.

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  2. Good morning another insightful post. Yes we will continue to make the recognition and acknowledge of black history in this country beyond the month of February. I wake up black each day, so how I can celebrate for just one month all that we have accomplished and over come? Kept posting

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