Black Love

Dear Society,

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, the thought and sense of love linger. I find myself reflecting on what love is within the black community. I like to think that black love is extremely unique.

Think about it. In a traditional black male and female romantic relationship, their similar struggles and challenges may draw them to one another. More interestingly, a black traditional relationship is more like a partnership to heal, to cope, and to protect one another.

Each party is equally faced with obscure challenges that the other understands far too well.

In this relationship, the black male is constantly licking his wounds from society’s constant attempt to strip away his manhood and achievements. At the same time, the black female is exhausted from playing the least favored role in society.

As the two merge and form a natural bond, a sense of protection is inevitable.

This unique love is not only found in black romantic relationships but all throughout the black community. Parents, siblings, friends, all give and receive the uniqueness of black love.


  1. What a powerful adaptation! You made me want more, you left me hungry my spirit is growling like my stomach without food. Excellent depiction of our love. Keep it up you have a gift!

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