Equality & Equity

Dear Society,

There is an obvious need within the African American community for both equality and equity. While we should all have access to the same resources and opportunities, the distribution of resources should be allocated proportionally based on need. 

If we only achieve equality, our race will still be far behind due to the dire needs, challenges, and setbacks of our community. Both equality and equity need to coexist in order for us to finally break the patiently waiting glass ceiling. This coexistence pertains to many aspects of our lives such as education, career, family, property, health, etc. 

To help with a visual, think of the following – Two individuals are each given the exact same opportunity to learn how to play the piano. However, one of the individuals is both deaf and blind. Yes, it is possible for the impaired individual to learn how to play the piano, however, his/her challenges are going to significantly affect his/her opportunity. This is where equity is in need due to the impaired individual’s needs. 

There are countless visuals on social media for us all to understand the difference between equality and equity, but the takeaway is that while equality gives African Americans certain opportunities, equity makes those opportunities a reality with an even playing field. 


I would love for you to watch this video on race, equality, and equity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT1zCK7aX4k


  1. The inequality that Black people and communities of color face is the direct result of centuries of public policy that infringed on all aspects of life. Amber, thank you for sharing this video which is a simple example of what many people of color are challenged with, obstacles. However a new generation of young African American women and men are becoming more involved with making impactful changes to policies, laws, and finances that give me great hope for the future. Look at the state of Georgia!

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