Societal Reflection

Dear Society,

With the new year quickly approaching, we are all reflecting on our year. As we partake in this personal reflection, society should do the same. 

There is obviously room for our society to improve year after year. In order to do so, society should reflect each year on its accomplishments, downfalls, and its New Year’s resolution.

One accomplishment of our society this year was bringing awareness to racial injustice and systemic racism within our country. One of the main downfalls of our society this year was the ease of division. In my opinion, society’s New Year’s resolution should be to better represent the authentic people who truly make up our society. 

With such a hectic year behind us, I’m sure we all have high hopes for our society as we approach the new year. 


  1. I am looking forward to new beginnings and us healing as a society. I pray for all the family members affected by this Pandemic. This year 2020 , will be one that I will use as a reminder to be grateful for all my personal blessings.

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