Dear Society,

As the daughter of an immigrant, I tend to typically relate my obstacles to the challenges of immigrants who migrate to the United States. Although as a young, black, female who automatically has the odds against her, the challenges of immigrants seem vast. This isn’t to compare the challenges but more so to acknowledge them.

When most immigrants come to this country, they are sold on a dream that is close to unattainable for them. Most of them have no idea of the obstacles and challenges they will be faced with within in the states.

The stresses of adaptation, cultural shift, and deportation are all drawbacks to coming to the states. In my opinion, the greatest hurdle for immigrants is their loss of identity. Although it can be maintained, the identity of an immigrant can easily be swayed due to the strong influence of society.

I’ve learned from my mother’s challenges, mistakes, and achievements. As an immigrant, her path was never easy. Yes, this may sound similar to my challenges however the depth of her overcomings could never compare. Her challenges and achievements in life are what motivates me. If she can overcome and reach success, there is no reason I cannot achieve my wildest dreams. 

I apply this mindset to all Americans. The reality is – if immigrants can leave their homes and make a new one here while overcoming the position society picks for them, then it is possible for Americans to create the “The American Dream”.


I would love for you to read an article I was mentioned in in the New York Times in regard Kamala Harris and being the child of an immigrant.

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