Dear Society,

As a citizen, we all have the civic right to many privileges. One specifically is to vote. Regardless of your political party affiliation, race, or beliefs – full participation during our elections creates a strong and sound democracy. 

I can’t help but to speak directly to my African American community. If we want to change our societal position, we must add voting to the long list of other actions we are currently taking. Some may say that their vote doesn’t matter or that the system is rigged against us – but that’s the mentality that society wants us to have. It is proven that if we truly participate, we can beat the odds against us. 

Think about when Obama was running for office. I was too young to vote but I recall the black community finally getting together and making a difference. We must do this far more than when a black person is a candidate. More so, we as African Americans are not in a predicament to be picky when it comes to a candidate. Especially not in this election.

To my African American community, not voting nor exercising our basic rights is a disgrace to those who fought for our privileged rights. Our ancestors fought and lost their lives for us to do something as simple as getting an education, getting married, or voting.

Vote like your life depends on it. Vote because you want change. Vote for those who can’t. Regardless of reasoning – vote.


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  1. Let’s not forget about the voter suppression that disabled quite a few Black Americans from voting. Florida, Pennsylvania and Kentucky are a few examples of states who infringe on voters’ rights, and I have articles to share to back up my claims. Also, what about our Black incarcerated and disabled communities who may not have access to vote in person or mail (based on recent stories of USPS), and Black elderly who are afraid to go to the poles due to COVID. We will never be a true democracy until all Black people are included in a fair and non discriminatory election — no matter the party affiliation/political belief.

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  2. Emotionally moving words. My hope has been shaken lately. However, to hear such words from the next generation of political power gives my “hope” a much better foundation. Much thanks and please continue your efforts for change.

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