Role Models

Dear Society,

Take a few minutes and think of your role models. When I do so, I notice how difficult it is for me to find role models within the black community. 

Role models within the black community should mean so much more than celebrities in the entertainment or athletic fields. Singers, rappers, and basketball players shouldn’t be our only idols.

Yes, there are a select few black positive role models who are held to a higher standard; however, they are typically not given their deserved credit or recognition.

Of course, the Obamas came to my mind. 

Who do you think of? Did you run into the challenge I did of finding someone with the same background as you?


  1. We are making a change and yes, President Obama was my first thought as a role model, but and it’s a start. Social media and history plays a part as to who and what a role model looks like.

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  2. I can name black people who are possibly role models for others and I can give a list of black people to my students to look up to, but do I have one myself? There aren’t many black people that I aspire to be like or I look to for advice. The Obama’s are awesome, but I don’t ever aspire to be a president or even first lady. So I can’t say they are MY role models.

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