Dear Society,

We all tend to conform to society’s vast expectations such as physical appearances, lifestyles, and achievements. Personally, I can relate to the unfortunate circumstances of the African American culture’s need to conform to society.  

History shows that certain aspects of African American culture have been influenced by our habit of conforming. Many of our physical aesthetics and characteristics have either been controlled or eliminated in order for us to fit in. We create innovative tactics to conform year after year, which are depicted as trends.

The dying trend of manipulating our gorgeous hair texture or participating in conversations of which we cannot relate to, are just a couple out of numerous ways African Americans try to obey society’s pressures. 

I’ve realized that as a race and a minority, we stand out regardless of if we try to conform or not. My question for my community is – Why not stand out while being your true authentic self?

I am honored to witness particular aspects of our society slowly but surely representing us as we truly are. Beautiful, melanated, and intellectual people gaining back our racial identity.

My hopeful question now becomes – Is this a permanent fixture within society or is it simply yet another trend?


  1. Great post. We have learned to embrace our natural beauty. We have changed the demand for hair care by embracing our beautiful curly hair. We are all people of God and He made us all beautiful.

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  2. It’s taken me years to feel good about my authentic self. I didn’t start rocking a full afro till the 10th grade. Even though it was new for me, I started enjoying how I looked and didn’t care about people’s comments about it.


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