Path to Success

Dear Society,

As we pursue humanity, society tends to set the tone of what success is and how to obtain it. For some reason, success has been associated with financial wealth. In addition, we are conditioned to believe that there is only one set path to this predetermined success.

With this influence in mind, we tend to criticize ourselves if we haven’t followed the path or achieved the success that society believes in. The goals of humanity should differ as greatly as the individuals of humanity. Each individual’s path to these goals should be as unique as we are.

Our society is created by a diverse set of individuals. However, society tends to send out a one-note message that we all are attentive to.

Society pressures us to follow some sort of timeframe where if we fall a bit off pace, our self-value is suddenly questioned.

Embrace every step of your unique path. More importantly, create your own definition of success. And keep in mind that you don’t always have to be aligned with society.

Regardless, if you follow society’s conventional path and beliefs or if you set your own, you will face challenges. So why not face these obstacles while on your own path to your own goal?


  1. This is important to note. So many people try to compare themselves with what they see on social media not knowing that social media is a facade. I know my personal goals and I will achieve them on my own time. I refuse to feel pressured by what someone else has going for them. All of our stories are unique and nobody can take that from us.

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  2. Amber this was a very profound read. I think most of our success is defined by America’s measures of success. If we try to measure up to what we see on social media as success we will never feel accomplished. We must first find happiness and peace in order understand success.


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