Forty Acres…

Dear Society,

Throughout all of the wrongdoing in our world’s history, many are deserving of some sort of reparation. Native Americans, Japanese Americans, Jews, and African Americans all have the rights to reparation. While some have received some sort of amends, others such as African Americans are still patiently waiting. 

When slavery ended, slaves referred to this time period as “When the break came”. Most were released like cattle and wandered lost. Although they were granted land and mules, which actually never belonged to them, how can a race with such history progress? How could they ever fairly participate within society? Without multiple forms of fair reparations, my race will rarely ever start at the same starting point as those of the majority.

However, if we were given amends, our political system is still embedded with strategic tactics that push our starting point backward as well. So now the question is – which should come first? Fair reparations or a fair system? More importantly, why aren’t we involved in the decisions that affect us?


  1. You raised a salient point in Forty Acres, fair reparations or a fair system? A fair system would include more people whom have been negatively impacted by laws which supported slavery and the denial of jobs, education, housing, and unjust jail and prison sentencing. Who would be entitled to reparations? Would it be African Americans only born here in the U.S.? How about African Americans living here from other areas of the world, who just by the color of their skin, also face discrimination? The reparations discussion must be had.


  2. The system must be abolished because it’s deeply rooted in America’s racist history. A start to reparations is to not tax Black people. I feel like that is setting us back from having opportunities of generational wealth and keeps majority of us in this cycle of struggle.

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