Different Starting Points

Dear Society,

In a society where we are all starting in different positions, some of us start behind others for no apparent reason. 

Some of us have been craving the sense of privilege that others are born with. More so, we crave a sense of equality that seems closer to impossible than possible. 

I find myself sometimes jealous of how some have this sense of privilege and use it with ease. I find myself sometimes envious of the fact that others, such as myself, have to work 10 times harder than others in order to stand directly behind them. The problem lies within those who maintain this privilege. Regardless of if they admit to it or not, the privilege that has found its way into the majority, stems from deep-rooted insecurities that are deeply embedded within history. 

As I catch myself falling into this mindset of jealousy, I quickly realize that I am honored to work as hard as I do for my accomplishments. Although privilege seems nice, I’d rather work hard in order to truly gain a sense of achievement rather than have it handed to me with ease. This is what builds my character. This is also what makes the minority of society stronger than we give ourselves credit for. 

While some carry privilege knowingly, others are in denial. Either way, this privilege must be dispersed among society in order to settle as equality.  


  1. Absolutely correct. But, no reason to be jealous, because their privilege is soon over. And those that choose to still try and use this so called “privilege ” can’t continue to use something that we as humans don’t allow them to use. #justsaynotowhiteprivalage

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    1. The United States of AMERICA Owes a Debt to (ADOS) black Americans . For Jim Crow Laws segregation red lining etc.. when ever you hear so called Black people using white supremecy terms like diversity, inclusion And POC they are caping for the slave Master Remember all skin folk Aint Kin Folk pls check out Ados101.com and A book on Reperations #FHTE (From Here To Equality). By Kristen Mullen and Duke professor leading Economist Dr.William Darity .


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