Dear Society, 

As we are all coping with the current times of uncertainty, I find it fascinating how differently we all subsist as a society. Some manage by filling up their time to capacity or act as if our current circumstances do not exist. Similarly stated in one of my past blogs, Faith & Hope, we all maintain some sort of mechanism to push forward mentally.

My search for the individual’s coping mechanism has evoked thoughts related to my African American culture. Specifically, how our ancestors coped with degrading mistreatment or how our great-great-grandparents coped with the brutality of segregation. 

Coping is something all humans eventually have to come to grips with. However, I’ve realized and more so believe that the African American race is constantly coping simply because of our race’s unfortunate placement in society. 

Our culture is built upon the coping mechanisms of our past. From the spirit-filled hymns to the soul food that our race created, to this day, we tend to practice some of the same instruments in order to carry on.

We have built success simply through these coping tactics. Today’s well known Black musicians, chefs, artists, and athletes, all make a living from how our culture copes. This not only makes me proud of my culture, but makes me realize how important it is for all humans to find a personal, healthy, and effective coping mechanism.


Finding your own coping mechanism may be difficult, however, I highly recommend you try regardless of what attributes to your daily stresses. Below is a link that you can use to start your search! 


  1. How to cope, is a big challenge we all face from time to time. I read the link you provided and it talked about communication. If we talked and shared more and be open about coping with obstacles, then coping would be easier as life brings so many challenges. Thanks for sharing.


  2. This week’s post is right on target with the stresses we are all facing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic – being laid off from work, reduced work hours, increasing bills, fewer places to socialize, working from home while parenting, thinking about months of virtual schooling, worried about getting COVID, and on, and on. It is truly amazing how our ancestors strived and achieved in spite of the limitations placed upon them on all sides by society. They persevered and passed on coping mechanisms that are still relevant today. We can work to rise and fulfill their hopes and dreams. Our ancestors passed on a lot of problem-focused coping skills. Emotionally, they encouraged us to dream and to socially support each other, the extended family.

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