Responsibilities of the Majority

Dear Society,

In order for minorities to surpass the disgusting habit of racism, we need the majority. 

To be specific, here in the United States, African Americans are considered a minority. If we take a look at history, Africans were brought to the United States against our will and forced into slavery. As time went on, the majority noticed that we are simply human and we were supposed to be able to partake in society. However, we’ve been facing ongoing mistreatment as we try to do so. 

I say all of this to say that this problem was not created by us. Since we did not create these problems, we cannot fix them all alone. 

To my readers who are not African American, you may be wondering, “What can I do to encourage change?” Listen but don’t be silent. Point out flawed habits when noticed. Do your own research. Reach out to the African American community and share your support. Protest. Donate. It may be difficult to understand our viewpoint since you cannot relate, however, respect it. 

I’ve seen numerous people of all backgrounds and ethnicities support this movement. My opinion is that we are slowly breaking from the battle of white vs. black. We are transitioning into a battle of mindsets. Educated vs. uneducated. Open-minded vs. close-minded. Respectful vs. disrespectful. Just vs. unjust. Competent vs. ignorance. Simply, good vs. bad. 

As we are transitioning into this new battle, we must step back and realize that overall there are more people with us than against us in this world. The problem is that those who are against us are simply in powerful positions. 


Regardless of your race, ethnicity, or background, check out the links below to learn how you can make a difference during this movement.


  1. Making a change and difference starts with people like you. You are 100 percent right, it will take the majority to make a change. But it takes one voice to make a change, one person to stand up, one person to speak out, and the majority will follow. You are that voice, that person, that strength, with the courage to speak out. Thanks for sharing your blog.

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  2. I believe that blacks should be treated equally as whites because we are all one we share the same blood and we were created equally by the same creator.

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  3. So many of us “white folks” have stood on the sidelines and shaken our heads and taken no action. Racism can only be ended by those in power and hold the cards. Friends we must wake up, stand up and act.

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  4. Hopeful. You leave me with a sense of hopefulness for the changes that are underway. Excellent suggestions on ways to help support, to questions, and to challenge one’s views – for those who have never experienced the racism that too many of us go through.

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  5. I agree that we need to begin a movement where all life matters, all backgrounds and ethnic groups are important and bring value. People Matter Most… and kindness is so very important.. I wish you well. Jessie


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