Female & Black

Dear Society,

It is exhausting to live in a society where racism and sexism exist. Although life is not a competition of who has the more difficult path to success, being an African American woman is not an ideal combination for success.

In our society, all women experience mistreatment simply because of our gender. You would think that the being who can carry and bear life would be of value. Instead, we are depicted as weak and degraded to believe so.

In our society, all African Americans face an ongoing number of struggles within our lifetimes. Our chances to excel are scarce from the very beginning. Our lives are devalued simply because of the color of our skin. 

Being both a woman and an African American, I believe I can truly express how disgusting, toxic, and convoluted our society can be.

Our looks, intelligence, and talent are never adequate. Meanwhile, we are misrepresented as society portrays our god-given attributes in a deceiving limelight. We tend to fall in the habit of unknowingly waiting for the judgment of our value. 

However, the mistreatment of my race and gender have created generational lessons. My belief is that these lessons are what make the most disrespected, unprotected, and neglected person of our society strong, wise, and admirable. 


Below is a link to learn about 12 great organizations for Black Women. I encourage you to take a look to gain more information, join, and/or donate.



  1. Simply wow! This read was both enlightening and empowering. I also feel a sense of sadness and embarrassment as an African American male


  2. Amber you are a beautiful black woman and you have overcome all odds. Continue to lead and defeat the odds as you spread your wings in society.

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  3. Right you are. “Our looks, intelligence, and talent are never adequate” and are frequently undervalued. African American women have historically been put to the bottom of the bottom by society; all the while we have bear the burden for American society: being at the beck and call of the white men, nursing and raising countless white children, uplifting and supporting our men, raising and inspiring our own children and the children within our village to dream and achieve. African American women straddle the injustices of gender and race. 169 years ago the honorable Sojourner Truth spoke to the difficulties of being a woman and being black in her Ain’t I a Woman? speech calling for women to have the right to vote.

    Your link is an excellent list of women’s organizations both old school and the present, political, business, arts, and mental health. Nice.


  4. Colorism is an issue with being a Black woman as well. Dark skinned Black women are often disrespected, misrepresented and disregarded by Black men and the media because they see light skin as more desirable and as a status symbol. Great article.

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  5. So beautiful and so much wise prospective in your words. I truly believe when All black women , All hues, become unified there will be no more room for any doubt in the power we possess. Amber, thank you for being you! So inspiring and admirable

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