Color vs. Color vs. Society

Dear Society,

As we are continuing this everlasting fight to live in a world without the presence of racism, we must all put forth our full effort. First and foremost, people of color must be able to stand alongside each other and drive this force together before we address society. 

As we fight within our community of beautiful shades, we are losing sight of the bigger picture. As we pull each other down, we must come to a halt and realize that we will never reach our goal with the mentality of crabs in a barrell.

In order to truly live in the world that we are longing for, we must embrace our differences within our community. We must listen to each other. Most importantly, we must lift each other up and accept the upcoming sacrifices. 

It is interesting how “minorities” are actually the majority worldwide. We must take sight of this fact and drive home our simple desires.  

Once this is accomplished, the ears of our society will truly open. We will be able to address society as a strong like-minded force that encourages change. 


  1. I love this blog color vs color. What a great topic as we face such challenges today world wide. This is the best phrase ever “ As we fight within our community of beautiful shades,“ keep them coming.

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  2. While we may tear each other down from jealously over looks, money, etc., we (most minorities) are usually in agreement on our desires to live our lives without the presence of racism to limit our opportunities and life expectancy. I can not recall an episode of crabs in a barrel mentality when it come to racism. I do agree that our desires to end racism is simple. Yet, the controlling elements of society are rarely encouraged to change, unless the change being sought impacts them negatively on several fronts.


    1. Thank you for your comment! Every minority has had a different but similar experience as we navigate through society. I mentioned the crabs in a barrel in regards to how we tend to tear other down. I completely agree with your statement in regards to the controlling elements of society.


  3. I love that you speak about the fact that we have a ton of beautiful shades in our culture, and that the “crabs in a bucket ” is so real. And your right this has to stop! You are truly a beautiful genius ❤

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