Faith & Hope

Dear Society,

During these times, we are all praying more or calling upon our personal beliefs to pull us out of this dark hour. 

However, I’ve noticed that within the African American community we are riding on our faith and hope more than ever. Some may ask, “Why are faith and hope so profound within the African American culture?”. 

Well, from my experience and understanding, it is all we have. When you are born into a system that is created to manipulate and degrade you, all you have is hope. When you are constantly oppressed and pushed back while trying to step forward, all you can grasp is your faith. 

Our ancestors didn’t have anything else other than their faith and hope. They did not have privileges, property, financial wealth, not even a voice. They had absolutely nothing. What they were able to obtain was taken away either by their enslaved community or from what I like to call “society”.

The guidance that we have, that is based fully on faith and hope, is instilled in us at birth. It is a natural part of our community that I believe is one of the greatest sources of wealth. 

We will always have faith in a system that has in no means shown proof for change. We will always have hope in a society based on false expectations.

It takes strength to have hope and faith in something you cannot see.

Yes, it may seem as if we are walking blindly but it is the only thing that cannot be taken away from us. 


Below are a couple of resources that can help you cope with COVID-19 and/or racial injustice stresses:


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  2. Prayers with faith and works have carried us, and will continue to carry us through life. Our parents, grandparents, and their parents, may not have had much to pass down to us, yet they instilled in us a strong belief in the Almighty God, who delivers all who believes.

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