Dear Society,

I’m sure none of us saw this coming. Something that strips away our normal way of life. Something that creates a “new normal”. However, some of us have been facing this “new normal” for the longest now. 

Why do you think minorities, specifically African Americans, are being affected at higher rates than any other race in the United States?

It took a pandemic for some to realize that African Americans lack the basic resources and necessities to properly live an “ideal” life in America. 

It took a pandemic for some to realize that minorities represent the core of this country as front line workers who are not compensated fairly. It took a pandemic to bring to light the fact that health care is a privilege which most of us do not have. It took a pandemic to see that on average, we do not have the means to obtain proper nutrition – causing a variety of underlying illnesses within our community. 

So as we approach this “new normal”, let’s be aware of what this means. For some, this means new ways of work and social life. However, for others, this means to further cope with a lifestyle of modern-day oppression. 

Now that we are aware of our position as front-liners who make up the foundation of our country, can we see the opportunity that has presented itself to make a difference?


If you have been affected by COVID-19, there are resources out there for you! Below is a link to a few out of many!


  1. I am currently living in Taiwan where universal healthcare exists. CoViD-19 was handled amazingly and as of today (6/4) only 8 people remaining to be treated. Healthcare is amazing cheap and affordable here! I went to the psychologist and received meds for $6USD. I believe that the reason why Taiwan’s numbers are so low is because people aren’t afraid to go get checked when they have a medical issue. Whereas in the US, people are terrified of what they will find out AND how much it’s going to cost. I hope one day we can gain control of the medical field because no ome should have to choose between getting medical attention or paying a bill.


    1. Thank you for your comment Iyana. It is mind-blowing that we can’t have the same healthcare system as Taiwan here in The United States. As a country that is considered the greatest country, The United States is so far behind. I look forward to reading your comments as this blog grows.


  2. From the inception of Europeans taking over this county, African Americans have been “front line” workers. It is no surprised that for the essentials of life we have been underpaid and overworked. Think of those who take care of our elderly population, our young children, our special needs population, and our meat packing industry. The pandemic is opening the eyes of some; many already knew and wish to keep African Americans on a short line to the morgue. As front-liners in the current pandemic, we do have to take advantage, and make opportunities, for our health, education, and for better quality of life for ourselves and our children’s children.


    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment! It is ideal that this pandemic is opening all of our eyes. I completely understand that we have to take advantage of this opportunity that has presented itself.


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