Adding George to the List

Dear Society,

When will enough be enough? As I gather myself to write yet again about another black male’s life being stripped aware by police brutality, I find myself lost for words.

Mike, Eric, Oscar, Sean….. The forever long list of men whose names are on repeat in my mind. Now another one……George.

We’ve come to the point where our society has become desensitized to the fact that a human being was killed by another. Is justice a privilege?

As a race that is in no means violent, how come violence always seems to find us? When will a life be valuable because it is a life? When will we strip away color and punish those who are deserving?

Victor, Patrick, Alan….. Why are there so many names for me to pick from? Why are their names in the media for 15 minutes of fame and then forgotten about? It still happened. Families are still mourning while others are living their day to day life as if nothing ever happened.

If we truly crave change, we must have this craving sensation when the media is not present. We must have this hope for justice during the good and the bad. This must be an everlasting fight.

George…… I guess I’m not so lost for words after all.


If you are able to donate to George Floyd’s family, the link is below:


  1. This is a great blog! I would love to read more. I agree with you, it’s like they want the black community to be rid of our protectors, the male, and leave us without a big part of our race. They don’t want us as a race and they know getting rid of the black man is the first step and a huge step. They hate black skin, the black intelligence, the black power. Our black men are a threat to them and put so much fear in the white man’s heart because our men are so much smarter then what they want them to be and they know we Black People are a MOVEMENT! A black life is not human life in their eyes because that’s what they have been taught since the beginning, “ Don’t worry about the black man, they are nothing and never will be nothing!”but that’s not the case, our black men have been beating the odds and accomplishing things that the white man has been handed to them and doing it better! We can’t even depend on the police force to protect us, the wear the badge and use it as a way to do things they are afraid to do without the badge, and that’s stand up to the Black Man. Society has told police that they have this power that is untouchable and that in whatever they do they will be backed by the government, so they do what they know will be allowed. It’s all a conspiracy in my eyes! There is no justice, it’s a just punishments for who they see fit.

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    1. Thank you for the comment Mikaelah! I completely understand your viewpoint. What we CAN do today is continue to make our voices heard! This is why this space has been created. You are always welcomed to share your thoughts on any of my posts here 🙂 Please share and I look forward to reading your other comments 🙂 Stay tuned each Sunday!


  2. I love this post, Amber! Thank you for bringing awareness not only to George, but to every other African-American man who has lost his life to police brutality and violence stemming from systematic and overt racism. Justice should not be a privilege only granted to certain people, but a birthright for all. Your blog is much appreciated. I look forward to reading more from you! ❤✊🏾


    1. Thank you for the comment Sierra! I completely agree that justice should be a birthright. I look forward to reading your viewpoints as this blog grows! Stay safe.


  3. Amber,
    To say that this blog is amazing would be a disservice. Like most people, I am finding it very difficult to process. I was sickened by the horrible video showing the cops taking George’s life, but it was also important to watch, as the cavalier attitude of the cops helped drive home the disregard they clearly had. Your writing and reflection is helping me understand the issues at a deeper level, and gain a sense of the despair, frustration, and anger that people rightfully have. I look forward to your next post. Thank you.


    1. Thank you for the comment Doug! I completely agree that although the video was tough to watch, it is also important for all of us to view. I am happy to hear that writings as such bring about a deeper understanding of what many people are feeling and experiencing during these dark times. I look forward to reading your viewpoints and feedback as this blog grows 🙂


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