Minority Communities

Dear Society,

As a minority, I believe that I have a crucial responsibility to contribute to my community. I started to donate to organizations such as Black Lives Matter in 2019 after I could no longer stomach the life lost of yet another black innocent young male due to gun violence. As an African American woman who plans to have children of my own in the future, I feel the need to help strengthen my community from within and I believe Black Lives Matter is on the path to achieving this. Since learning about Black Lives Matter, I have been able to truly learn about how my community is affected by society and what steps are needed to progress as a race.

In addition, I have developed patience. I have learned that not everything you try to achieve will provide results in your ideal timeframe. I have developed a deeper passion for digging deeper into how our race can obtain certain resources rather than what appears on the surface level. Most importantly, I have learned the importance of teamwork. The Black Lives Matter movement would not be able if we all didn’t work as a team. Its focus on the next generation is what drives the movement’s achievements. My involvement with the movement has further developed my passion to help my race overcome the modern-day obstacles we face from oppression. As you can see, as minorities become more involved within the community, we can gain essential life skills. In addition, we can share our viewpoints and passion in order to reach a greater good. However, I believe that regardless of demographic, community engagement is much needed in order for us as humans to continue to prosper.


Below are a variety of minority-based organizations to get involved and contribute to your community.



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  1. Great blog.
    I agree that working as a team and contributing to our communities will create opportunities and a voice for us.
    Also, thanks 🙏 for providing the links.


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